The New Science of Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Institute is a research consortium dedicated to accelerating the benefits of artificial intelligence for business, government, and society.

The institute engages the world’s leading scientists to conduct research and train practitioners in the Science of Digital Transformation, which operates at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, internet of things, big data analytics, organizational behavior, public policy, and ethics.

Established in March 2020, the DTI consortium consists of C3 AI, Microsoft Corporation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of California, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Princeton University, Stanford University, and University of Chicago. The Institute is jointly managed and hosted by University of California, Berkeley and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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Winter 2022 DTI Newsletter
December 21, 2022: The Winter 2022 DTI Newsletter features the World’s Largest Open-Track Traffic Experiment, Microsoft’s Eric Horvitz’s deep-dive into the history of human intelligence, 2022 award-winning researchers, and more. To subscribe to the DTI newsletter, please fill out the subscription form here.
Transformative Times: 2021-2022 Annual Report
When the Digital Transformation Institute issued its third call for proposals for AI research to transform cybersecurity and secure critical infrastructure last December, few imagined the increased attention that cybersecurity would command when it came time to announce awards for selected proposals this past March, amid heightened global tensions. The cybersecurity awards were announced […]
‘Forever’ Chemicals? Not Anymore
March 28, 2023 UIUC News: DTI researchers Xiao Su and Diwakar Shukla, engineering professors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, collaborated on a study that verifies that electrochemistry – rather than filtration and harmful solvents – can remove short-chain PFAS from the environment and municipal water supplies. Read more here.
The ‘Ultimate’ COVID Vaccine
March 9, 2023 DTI PI and MIT Professor David Gifford, who proposed a DTI 2020 COVID project to develop new methods for vaccine design using the C3 AI Suite, has published results on a “radically different” COVID vaccine that may work not only against today’s versions of the virus, but future variants as well.  Drug Discovery […]
‘We Are at an Inflection Point’ with AI
March 10 MIT News: At a Congressional panel on March 8, Professor of Computing at MIT and DTI Co-PI Aleksander Mądry urged lawmakers to ask rigorous questions about how artificial intelligence tools are being used by corporations, saying government should not “abdicate” its responsibilities and leave the future path of AI solely to Big […]
Why Poverty Persists in America
March 9, 2023: New York Times Magazine: DTI COVID-19 Housing Precarity project Co-PI Matthew Desmond, Pulitzer Prize-winning Princeton sociology professor who heads up the groundbreaking Eviction Lab there, examines persistent poverty in America in this Sunday magazine feature. (Eugene Richards photo for the New York Times) Read more.
Expanding the CZ BioHub Network
March 2, 2023 UIUC News: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will be leading the Chan Zuckerberg BioHub Chicago, and, operating from UIUC’s National Center for Supercomputing Applications, the Digital Transformation Institute will also be involved in the new biomedical hub’s activities. (Janet Sinn-Hanlon tissue graphic for UIUC) Read more. Also see:UChicago to partner […]
On the Road to Better Solid-State Batteries
February 24, 2023: Berkeley Lab News: DTI 2020 COVID-19 PI Gerbrand Ceder, a Berkeley Lab faculty senior scientist and UC Berkeley professor of materials science and engineering, leads a team designing a new blueprint for solid-state batteries less dependent on specific chemical elements, particularly critical metals that are challenging to source due to supply […]
Protecting Artists from AI Mimicry
February 15, 2023: University of Chicago News: UChicago Professor Ben Zhou, Principal Investigator on two 2022 DTI cybersecurity research projects, has lent his expertise to protect artists with his new tool Glaze, designed to make minuscule changes to confound AI art generators. (Karla Ortiz art for UChicago) Learn more.
Award-Winning DTI Researchers 2022
The Digital Transformation Institute works with top researchers from the world’s leading research universities to advance the Science of Digital Transformation. In 2022, many DTI Principal Investigators were recognized for their contributions in fields from engineering and computer science to environmental science and public health, among others. Here is a sampling of recognition conferred […]

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