Enterprise AI for Defense

AI Applications for Defense & Intelligence

Whether you are managing complex data platforms, uncovering terrorist organizations, or commanding in all-domain conflicts, C3 AI has a solution for your needs.

C3 AI Readiness

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

  • Integrate and unify data from sensors, maintenance records, asset history, and external systems such as weather reports
  • Monitor subsystem health and predict component failure
  • Reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime compared to traditional time-based methods of unscheduled maintenance events predicted on monitored system

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C3 AI Decision Advantage

Accelerate Decision Making Cycles

  • Connect multi-domain data across services, partners, and allies
  • Share mission objects accessed across apps and agencies through Model Driven Architecture
  • Understand veracity of multiple intelligence data sources
  • Accelerate battlefield sense-making and decision-making

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C3 AI Intelligence Analysis

Surface Hidden Insights

  • Connect to any number of data sources
  • Automate data ingestion, cleaning, and adjudication
  • Explore multiple data sources from a unified view
  • Accelerate case building and time-to-insight

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