Data Vision


Connecting the Dots for Rapid Insights

C3 AI Data Vision allows analysts to visualize, understand and leverage the hidden relationships between data entities. This powerful product unifies data from across systems to enable deep exploration and insights generation for multiple use cases and industries.​

Data Vision Graph Network

Interactive time-based graph network

  • Use predictive relationship management across entities (people, organizations, locations, things, and events) in a time-varying, graph network visualization that captures and maintains all temporal and spatial relationships.
  • ​Review all interactions across entities and visualize interaction density across time, discovering patterns and temporal shifts.
  • Edit, merge, or de-duplicate entities directly on the graph to manage and share knowledge with others.

AI-powered link analysis

  • Uncover hidden opportunities, targets, and complex patterns via AI-based investigative link analysis, advanced graph algorithms, and rich tooling.
  • Traverse step-wise through the network graph to incrementally identify new insights.
  • Leverage AI recommendations to prioritize potential threats, mitigate risks, and resolve anomalies.

Data Vision-2

Data Vision-3

Event-based exploration

  • Visualize and analyze dynamic interaction data across time to spot patterns and accelerate investigation efficacy.
  • ​Replay history of events, relationships, and interactions across all entities via a time bar.
  • Leverage intuitive auto-clustering of entities and interactions to manage large data volumes.

Single unified data model

  • Integrate and visualize data from multiple sources, including both structured and unstructured data.
  • ​Update unified data model in near real-time with secure and scalable data ingest pipelines.
  • Explore raw or enriched data linked to all entities across the single data model, enabling deep and thorough analysis.

Data Vision-4

Data Vision-5

AI-powered pattern identification

  • Leverage AI-powered pattern mining across entities and interactions to reveal next best actions.
  • ​Hone in on signals of relevance while exploring new hypotheticals.
  • Flag issues for priority review and collaborate follow-ups with other users.

Deep investigative analysis

  • Start with one entity and build an investigation case through visual analysis and recommended data to review.
  • ​Explore all interaction types for any entity or focus only on a subset.
  • Undo, redo, or jump to any investigative step via an activity log.

Data Vision-6

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